about us

At ikonhouse, our expertise lies in delivering an exceptional audio-visual and home cinema experience, seamlessly integrated with automation solutions. We offer a distinct collection of top-tier AV technology and cutting-edge automation features that empower you to create a home environment that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. Our commitment to impeccable customer service ensures a seamless shopping journey as you explore our range of offerings tailored to meet your AV and automation needs.

With the other business vertical to be designer furniture and lighting, honoring the design classics and craftsmanship in making each piece an icon.

At ikonhouse, we're committed to exceptional customer service and ensuring a seamless shopping experience. 

our history


Firmavision, an innovative technology company with expertise in custom AV solutions, integrated system installations.
Our first ever project was with Masdar City for AV consultancy and integration.


A business with brand PK -Seleksion, establishing as a luxury furniture vendor.


ikonhouse was born as an integration of original design classics with integrated connected living providing ultimate living experiences.


ikonhouse gains recognition for its innovative approach to interior solutions and starts attracting high-profile clients and opened its first office on Sheikh Zayed Road


The company expands its operations and opens a flagship showroom in a prestigious location Alserkal Avenue, the cultural art hub.


ikonhouse partners with renowned international brands in all the verticals of automation, audio visual and designer furniture and decorative lighting.


With our growing business, we grew to 50 employees, strengthing our company roots


ikonhouse introduces a new business vertical LIGHTING with the most exquisite italian brand Viabizzuno


ikonhouse expands its business to online store to be used for globally with its new ecommerce platform for enhanced online purchase experience.

We also grew our team with 60+ employees.

Throughout its history, ikonhouse remains committed to providing exceptional living experiences, uncompromising quality, and unmatched customer service, solidifying its position as a leading name in the market.

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